Advantages Of The Sargon Dental Implant


The Sargon implant is an improvement over other traditional dental implants for the following reasons:

  • Under normal conditions a Sargon® Dental Implant™ can be placed right into the modified socket of a tooth that has to be extracted, eliminating the need for invasive and uncomfortable surgery and involvement with other teeth. Usually a temporary crown can be placed right onto this implant, allowing a patient to leave the dental office with a normal looking tooth within an hour or two.
  • Usually bone grafting will not be needed if the Sargon implant is placed at the same time as the diseased tooth is extracted, and is positioned correctly into fresh bone through the socket region.
  • The Sargon implant has a built-in re-stabilizing feature if it should loosen during the first few weeks when any type of implant is vulnerable.
  • Within one or two days following placement, a patient usually feels and looks perfectly normal with the Sargon® Dental Implant™. Other implants, placed in the traditional manner, frequently leave a patient swollen and uncomfortable for up to two weeks.
Flash Animation demonstrates a Sargon Dental Implant Device at work.
  • Should removal of a Sargon implant become necessary, the expansion can be easily reversed. If integration with bone has occurred, removal is done in the same manner as the removal of an impacted tooth.

A careful and complete examination and evaluation of a patient’s oral and general health condition is vital before any dental implant therapy is undertaken. Your dentist will want to evaluate your bite; your esthetic requirements; the condition of your other teeth and gums, and your general health status before recommending dental implant therapy.

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